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September's membership meeting 

 Greetings. We had a good turnout for our September dinner where our guest speaker, Andrea Rand, providedsome great information about the MOAA Scholarship Fund. The Fund was established in 1948 to provideeducational assistance to children of military families. This year, three youths from our chapter area have receivedscholarships from this Fund. To learn more about the Scholarship Fund, go to We also had a chance to get to meet Andrea’s mom,who lives in the area. 

And we welcomed new member, Robert Conklin and his service dog Rommel.I did hear from a few of you after our meeting that there are still some concerns about the dinner and service.The restaurant is working hard to improve and meet our needs, and we will continue to work with them on qualityand service. I do, however, want to remind you that we have preselected the meals for our meetings to help withservice and cost containment. I apologize in advance if the meal selection is not to your liking, but substitutionof meals or desserts is not in our agreement. But if you have concerns about the quality or service, please bringthem to my attention or one of the Board members.The chapter Board of Directors held an all-day retreat on September 15th. 

Board member Gary Walker was able to secure the classroom at the Lacey Veterans Service Hub for the retreat. The Board spent the first half of theretreat assessing our current vision, mission and activities. We then brainstormed ideas to update our mission andfuture activities. We focused on recruiting and retention, meeting schedules, communications, and communityservice activities. We also worked on our financial planning, which culminated in a proposed budget. 

Finally,we carefully reviewed the chapter by-laws and are updating them to reflect the current state of our organization.A report on the retreat, along with the proposed updated by-laws and budget will all be presented at our annualmeeting in November. The Board is working on finalizing these documents so that you can receive them well inadvance of our annual meeting.Finally, as a reminder--check out our Facebook page and website. If you have materials of interest, please contactHoward Lim to help with the posting. 

And…tohelp with meal reservations, we are sending outemail reminders of the meeting time, speakerand meal choices. When you receive the Bugleor one of the reminders, please contact MarilynnWilcox with your meal reservations. We thinkthese reminders are helping our attendance andin addition, we are open to any suggestions forother ways we can ensure all of our members getthe word regarding our monthly meetings.Our next board meeting will be at 5:30pm,Tuesday, Oct. 10; Quinault Auditorium andour upcoming Oct. 18 meeting will be a dinnermeeting held in the seventeen 51 bistro atPanorama City with a social at 5:30 PM andthe meeting being called to order at 6:00 PM.Our guest speaker for October is Keith Looker,Director, Lacey Veterans Service Hub. I hope tosee you on the 18th and remember each of us is arecruiter- bring a new face to the meeting.

The Olympia Chapter sponsored four students to the NorthwestYouth Leadership Conference. Shown are Kaleb Jacobs(Olympia HS), Nathaniel Sanchex (Timberline HS), AlexandraEngland (Timberline HS) LT John McConnel and FrancisScolaro (Capital HS).