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MOAA Olympia supports OCS Commissioning at JBLM Watkins Field 


 Ten MOAA Olympia Area Chapter members took part in a National Guard Officer Candidate School Regimental Graduation Phase III ceremony at the JBLM Watkins Field on August 4. Phase III is a requirement to graduate from the OCS commissioning program. A total of 191 OfficerCandidates from 15 states attended, including 14 from Washington. Each graduate received a boxed set of second lieutenant gold bars and a two-year MOAA application,recognizing the long hours, determination and commitment required for their commissions. 

COL (Ret) Dave Slotwinski and CW-4 (Ret) Jim Richards talked to new OCS Second Lieutenants from Washington state, including those locally, about MOAA and chapter membership.

Chapter participants were CAPT (Ret) Chuck Peterson (USN), Lt Col (Ret) Mark Foutch (USAF), CAPT (Ret) Ralph Hensley (USN), COL (REt) Dave Slotwinski (USA), CW-4 (Ret) Jim Richards (USN/USA), Capt (Fmr) Ro Marcus (USA), COL (Ret) Molly O'Donnell (USA), Chaplain Lt Col (Ret) Doug White (USAF), COL (Ret) Howard Lim (USA) and Col (Ret) Sam Cagle (USAF – taking the pictures). 

COL (Ret) Howard Lim, assisted by CAPT (Ret) Frank Hensley, and CPT (Fmr) Ro Marcus, in background, make the Gold Bar presentations.