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From the President's Desk: 

Hello and greetings to all. Over 25 members attended our February luncheon to hear CDR Tricia Cronau, 5th Battalion, USMEPCOM & Seattle MEPS speak to the challenges of qualifying men and women for military service and to the modernization efforts underway to move processing into the 21st century. And what better way to lead into our efforts to move the Chapter into the digital/social media age. 

How many of you are on Facebook? How many of you find yourselves chatting with your grandkids through social media or sending emails? Question we should ask ourselves, “Why aren’t we doing it at the chapter level since we all connect more and more via our smart phones, apps and web sites?” Before lunch was served, Howard Lim demonstrated our chapter website by scrolling through the pages with newly placed pictures and information to give our members and those looking for MOAA information about us. It is a start, a new beginning for us as Howard has been instrumental in building for us a web page and a Facebook page. Over the next months we hope to add more content, pictures, comments as we move further into digital communications. 

I recognize that change is difficult and can be daunting. Consequently, we’re going to take it slow to ensure we continue to connect with all our members. For those without email accounts, we will continue to mail you the Bugle-1st class. For those of you with email addresses, please make sure we have your current address because you will be receiving the Bugle electronically. (Don’t forget to check your spam/junk file!) This is very important to ensure we get the meal reservations correct. We need you to respond to Marilynn. In the future, you will be able to rsvp through our Facebook page or web site, but we’re not there yet. Be patient, it is coming. Finally, we want your input, suggestions, ideas for improving our web presence, allowing us to reach a greater audience and attract new members. 

As for the Washington, D.C. and Olympia political scenes--I am holding to my comments from last month. We have a new President, a new administration, and new ideas; who knows what’s going to happen? I ask you to be prepared to connect with our elected officials on topics important to us such as the future of military benefits, retirement, healthcare, pay and force structure. In community activity news, Howard Lim and Slots represented our Chapter at the Washington State Patriotic Day celebration, formerly known as Massing of the Colors. At this year’s ceremony held at Stadium HS in Tacoma, over 111 veteran, military, and youth groups were present. And finally, we have once again submitted our Chapter of Excellence Award packet where we laid out everything we have done to support our “community”. It is impressive and I want to thank you for contributing your time, talent and treasures to our causes. And thanks to Slots for collecting the information and putting our packet together. Our next board meeting will be at 5:30pm, Tuesday, Mar 14; Quinault Auditorium and our upcoming Mar 15, 2017 meeting will be a luncheon meeting held in the seventeen 51 bistro at Panorama City with a social at 11:30 AM and the meeting being called to order at 12:00 PM. Our program will be a recognition of past Panorama CEO Joe di Santo and restaurant manager Meggin Turk who provided tremendous support to our chapter and it will include a look at Panorama’s future presented by Mr. Matt Moore and Mr. Bill Strader. I hope to see you there and remember, each of us is a recruiter. Bring a new face to the meeting.