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October's Meeting 

 Hello and greetings to all. Over 50 members attended our October dinner where our guest speaker was Keith Looker, Director, Lacey Veterans Hub, and NWYL Conference participants--Pierce Nguyen, River Ridge HS;Francis Scolaro, Jr., Capital HS; Alexandra England, Timberline HS; and Ms Leslie Stepherson, Counselor at River Ridge HS. We opened our meeting with presentations by the students who expressed their appreciation for our sponsorship.After dinner, Keith Looker took us inside the Lacey Veterans Hub, sharing his insights on the center’s mission, history, operations, and funding. Keith and his team are doing a great job and if you are in the area, drop by. The center is behind the SPSCC Lacey campus off 6th Ave, behind the Fred Meyer.Our November meeting is the annual meeting and election of officers. This should be an exciting meeting as we will be reporting the results of the board retreat and will present our purposed annual budget, new by-laws and a slate of 2018 chapter officers. This will also be the third year we memorialize fellow chapter members with a traditional bell ceremony. The meeting is a luncheon with an 11:30 social. Lunch will be served at 12:00 followed by the business meeting.This brings me to an important issue--nonpartisanship. It is important for us tokeep politics out of our meetings and that we stay focused on the myriad of issues needing our support. To be successful in Olympia or the other Washington requires collaboration and the supportfrom both sides of the aisle. Our meetings are not the appropriate place to vent personal issues. I also ask that you please show respect to our guest speakers and elected officers who serve as volunteers.We continue to work with the new restaurant management. Based on the quality of the meal and service, it appears things are looking up. I am confi dent we will continue our mutually beneficial, healthy working relationship with the “bistro.”Upcoming activities include a MOAA day at JBLM’s Santa’s Castle. On November 11, we will be offering support to a unique group of citizens in Olympia who, although not affiliated with JBLM or a veterans’ serviceorganization, collected over 500 sports balls--footballs, basketballs, soccer and playground balls--for Santa’s Castle. We’re working with the Army National Guard to obtain a truck to transport the balls. And we are lookingto sponsor approximately 10 returning single soldiers from the 3rd Ordnance Battalion commanded by chapter member LTC Chris Bartos. These soldiers are scheduled to return around Christmas and it would be great if we could provide a welcome home/ happy holiday packet for each before they return to the barracks.And, as a reminder, check out our Facebook page and website. If you have material of interest, please contact Howard Lim to help with the posting.Our next board meeting will be at 5:30pm, Tuesday, Nov 14; Quinault Auditorium. Our upcoming November 15 meeting will be a luncheon meeting in the seventeen 51 bistro at Panorama City with a social at 11:30 AM and the meeting being called to order at 12:00 noon. I hope to see you at our annualmeeting on the 15th and remember, each of us is a recruiter--bring a new face to the meeting. 

Ro Marcus, President