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Happy New Year! 

Hello and welcome to the New Year 2018! I consider it an honor to be your new chapter president and my intent is to gain your trust and confidence. We have some great plans for the coming year and with your help, we hope to achieve the following goals: 

 •Increase chapter membership by 10% (e.g. ~ 16 new members). 

 •Increase service and support to the local community (e.g. Christmas Sports Ball drive, etc.). 

•Plan an off-site activity for both spouses and families promoting fellowship among members (e.g. dinner theater, family picnic, etc.). 

 •Establish scholarship fund for a local student. 

•Increase membership involvement in crucial legislative affairs remotely via email and phone. 

•Establish supporting committees to assist the board’s efforts. 

•Increase awareness of the Olympia Chapter activities via social media and web presence. 

•Leverage non-profit status to obtain no-cost technology support (e.g. web page, network communications and storage, etc.). 

As you can see, we have an ambitious plan. I nor the current Board of Directors can achieve these goals by ourselves; we need your assistance and participation. If you are unsure how you can help, contact myself or any of the officers to discuss. No matter the length of time you have available, we will find a way for you to contribute. 

One area we need immediate assistance is the management of our monthly newsletter, the “Bugle”. If you or your spouse are proficient in Microsoft Office, enjoy graphic design and journalism, contact me or Sam Cagle for details. I want to thank Cal Taylor for his tremendous efforts in maintaining our newsletter with this edition being his last. 

I also would like to thank our previous president, Ro Marcus, for her invaluable leadership she provided in 2017. It was her vision to re-examine our organization’s mission and her leadership that resulted in a clear strategic plan that charts an exciting path for our future. 

Finally, I want to thank the Officers and Board of Directors for all they have done last year to make 2017 an amazing year; I know they will continue to serve us well for 2018.Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or cell should you have any questions or concerns. I am also eager to hear your suggestions on how to make this chapter better for the benefit of its members. Wishing all a blessed year and am looking forward to working alongside all of you.

Howard Lim

Chapter President