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From the President's Desk: Apr 2019

Greetings Olympia Area MOAA Chapter Members, 

I would like us to welcome our newest members: 1LT Laudy Choum, CPT James Kelly, CPT Jeremy Catob andhis wife Erin, CPT (Ch) Monty Webb, CPT Dave Grun, and CPT Santiago Real and his wife Maria. Let’s be sureto welcome this awesome group of young officers and their wives when you see them. 

On March 21, Bill, Sam, Slots, and I were at Camp Murray during the Washington Army National Guard IndustryDay to man our MOAA booth. It was a successful recruiting day! We signed up 15 members to National MOAAand signed 6 new members to our local chapter as mentioned in the beginning of my letter. We had such a funtime talking to the young officers and we are so proud of their commitment and professionalism. I want to thankBill, Sam and Slots for their outstanding support.

I would like you to pay attention to this month’s issue of the MOAA magazine (April edition). It features cards tomail our senators and representatives asking them to oppose proposals to make retirees pay more for their healthcare benefits. As you and I know, we already paid for that coverage with our personal and family sacrifices madeduring our careers. Every cost increase is a direct erosion of the retirement benefits we earned. So, mail in thosecards!

I was outside mowing my lawn yesterday and enjoying the fresh smell of Spring and the amazing sunshine. Itreminded me of how each year, a fresh start in life begins and I, as your chapter president, see 2019 as a banneryear for us to bring in new members to our great organization and make our local community better. I hope youshare in my enthusiasm and help us take advantage of all opportunities to recruit new members so we can growour awesome chapter. 

We will be planning recruiting events in the near future and will let you know how you canassist and be a part of one of our most important task as a chapter. Also, please be free to offer any suggestions onhow we can improve.I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting.