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From the President's Desk

Greetings Olympia MOAA Chapter Members,Several board members and I recently manned a booth at Camp Murray for the Washington NationalGuard Alumni Day. We received an update on the state of the Washington National Guard from MG Daughertyand had fun talking to the young soldiers there.We recently conducted our chapter’s annual strategic planning session and reviewed our chapter’scurrent and future initiatives. I think we are making great progress in increasing our membership and believe wewill have a great plan for 2019. We will continue to grow our amazing chapter and its involvement in the localcommunity and I will provide you the details in our annual general membership update meeting.As you know, the strength of any chapter is its membership. Soon we will need some help in callingprospective members and I’m looking for some volunteers. We will provide a script and instructions and willmake it easy! Please consider doing your part in growing our chapter and volunteer to call a few prospectivemembers.I look forward to seeing you at our next chapter meeting on Wednesday, Oct 17, 5:30 PM, at theSeventeen51 Restaurant & Bistro, Panorama. And, as always, I welcome any comments or suggestions to makeour chapter better. 

Respectfully,COL (Ret) Howard LimChapter President