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From the President's Desk 

 Hello and greetings to all. Over 25 members attended our March luncheon in recognition of Panorama’s Meggin Turk and Joe DiSanto and introduction of Panorama’s new leadership – Brill Strader, CEO and CFO and Matt Murry, President and COO to our chapter. Except for a short hiatus to the Elks during a renovation, our chapter has met at Panorama from its inception in 1975. And I want to give a special thanks to Slots for filling in for me. We set this meeting aside to recognize Meggin for her support as restaurant manager and Joe for his support as Panorama’s CEO, and to thank each for his and her support. During her remarks, Meggin expressed her gratitude for our service to the nation and many thanks for recognizing her. Joe also expressed his gratitude for our service to our nation and shared with us two WWII vignettes, one about his father and the other about his uncle, both WWII veterans from different theaters. Following Meggin and Joe, we heard from Bill and Matt, who, as Panorama’s new leadership team, spoke to the future. In their remarks, we learned that both are military brats, coming from military families and that the ties that exist between Panorama, our chapter and the military community will remain strong and continue to blossom. Also in attendance was one of our founding members, Don Ice. As I wrote last month, we continue to recognize the challenges members face as we adjust to an electronic Bugle and having a Facebook and Web presence. We know not everyone has adjusted and remain concerned that not all with email addresses are looking for the electronic Bugle that is perhaps archived in a spam (junk) folder. If you know or hear of someone who claims to not be receiving the Bugle, please ask to check the spam folder and if it isn’t there to contact a chapter officer immediately so we get it fixed. For those without email accounts, we will continue to mail the Bugle. For those of you with email addresses, please make sure we have your current address because you will be receiving the Bugle electronically. This is very important to ensure we get the meal reservations correct, we need you to respond to Marilynn. In the future, you will be able to rsvp through our Facebook page or website, but we’re not there yet- be patient, it is coming. Finally, we want your input, suggestions, ideas for improving each, as well as for filling our Facebook page and Website for chapter-appropriate content. As for the Washington, D.C. and Olympia political scenes, the state council President and MOAA are preparing to Storm the Hill in April and I suspect we will be sharing talking points and suggested emails for our legislators seeking support for our priority programs. We also have three upcoming recruiting events; Washington National Guard Industry Day on 19 Apr, JBLM Retiree Day on 21 Apr, and the Panorama Activity Day on 26 Apr. At each, we will have a table set-up so if you are in the vicinity, stop by, say, “Hi” and, more importantly, bring over and introduce a new potential member. Our next board meeting will be at 5:30pm, Tuesday, Apr 11; Quinault Auditorium and our upcoming April 19, 2017 meeting will be a dinner meeting held in the seventeen 51 bistro at Panorama City with a social at 5:30 PM and the meeting being called to order at 6:00 PM. Tentatively, our guest speaker is Alfie Alvardo-Ramos, the Director, Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs. I hope to see you there and remember, each of us is a recruiter. Bring a new face to the meeting.