From the President Desk, March 2019

Hello Olympia Chapter members and friends:  Wow, what a month! This month’s snowstorm really had an impact on so many of us; we even had to cancel the February’s chapter board meeting because it was too dangerous to drive! I hope you and your family are finally thawing out from this winter storm and I know we are all so looking forward to Spring! 

I want to welcome our newest members:Devin Robinson, 2nd LT, and his wife Erin; Keith Kimdugan, CPT, and his wife Agnes; Matthew Granahan, CPT, and his wife Darci; Lawrence Gooch, COL, Ret, and his wife Penny; and Cameron Clark, 2nd LT, and his wife Melissa.  It is so exciting to have so many new members to our chapter!  
Last month, Brigadier-General Michel-Henri St-Louis (Canada), Deputy Commanding General for Operations of First Corps at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, provided an outstanding brief to the Olympia MOAA Chapter. BG St-Louis gave us an overview of Canadian support both at I Corps and in the Pacific region and really opened our eyes on the importance of our partnership with the Canadian armed forces. 

Our effort to secure a community grant of $5,000 from National MOAA is in progress. I submitted a packet and if we are selected, our project will provide children from military families that are experiencing financial difficulties (veterans or active duty) with a new backpack full of every grade-specific school supply they need in time for their first day of school. This way, they start the year looking and feeling more like their classmates and less like a child in need. I learned in the process of developing this proposal, we have over 700 homeless children in the North Thurston School District and by some account, 10% of these are children have some connection to the military. I was shocked but hopeful that we can help in some way to make life better for these kids. 

As we begin new projects for our chapter, I hope you consider joining us in doing great things for our community. I hope you come out to our next meeting and look forward to seeing all of you. 

Respectfully, Howard Lim, Chapter President 

“We rise by lifting others.” Robert Ingersoll

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I Corps DCG-O visits Olympia chapter

Brigadier-General Michel-Henri St-Louis (Canada), Deputy Commanding General for Operations of First Corps at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, provided an outstanding brief to the Olympia MOAA Chapter. BG St-Louis gave us an overview of Canadian support both at I Corps and in the Pacific region and really opened our eyes on the importance of our partnership with the Canadian armed forces.

                                                                                  Chapter President COL (Ret) Howard Lim and BG ST-Louis.

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From the President's Desk---February 2019

Greetings Olympia MOAA Chapter Members,

I would like us to welcome our newest members: CAPT (Ret) Wayne Olsen, his wife Betsy, and CPT Daniel Frederick to our Olympia Chapter. Please take the time to welcome them at our next meeting.  

We have an exciting opportunity this year to serve our community in a significant way. Our chapter is currently coordinating with the Lacey Veterans Hub to submit a proposal to the MOAA Foundation to receive as much as five thousand dollars to support our local community. The MOAA Foundation offers grants to MOAA chapters to provide services to local military and veteran families—either directly or through partnerships with other community organizations. I will keep you informed of the progress of this grant request and hopefully it will be awarded to our chapter.

Your officers and board continue to work hard in support of our chapter and all of its members. Please consider joining us at a board meeting, volunteer event, recruiting event, luncheon, or all of the above.  We’d love to have you! 

Remember, we are strong together and our voice grows commensurate with our membership. Please bring a friend or two to one of our events and help us grow our awesome chapter. Finally, I want to ask for some help in our future recruiting efforts.  We will need help in contacting prospective members in the near future and if you would like to participate, let me or any of the officers know. I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

COL (Ret) Howard Lim, Chapter President

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From the President's Desk

Greetings Olympia MOAA Chapter Members,Several board members and I recently manned a booth at Camp Murray for the Washington NationalGuard Alumni Day. We received an update on the state of the Washington National Guard from MG Daughertyand had fun talking to the young soldiers there.We recently conducted our chapter’s annual strategic planning session and reviewed our chapter’scurrent and future initiatives. I think we are making great progress in increasing our membership and believe wewill have a great plan for 2019. We will continue to grow our amazing chapter and its involvement in the localcommunity and I will provide you the details in our annual general membership update meeting.As you know, the strength of any chapter is its membership. Soon we will need some help in callingprospective members and I’m looking for some volunteers. We will provide a script and instructions and willmake it easy! Please consider doing your part in growing our chapter and volunteer to call a few prospectivemembers.I look forward to seeing you at our next chapter meeting on Wednesday, Oct 17, 5:30 PM, at theSeventeen51 Restaurant & Bistro, Panorama. And, as always, I welcome any comments or suggestions to makeour chapter better. 

Respectfully,COL (Ret) Howard LimChapter President 

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From the President's Desk

 Greetings Olympia MOAA Chapter Members,Hello and greetings to all. Let me begin by thanking each of you who contributed to our many chapteractivities and events that earned us a MOAA Five-star Chapter of Excellence Award for 2017. Hooah!At our August meeting, we had over 30 members turn out to hear Jennifer Crook talk about her researchinto Thurston County during WWI. During her presentation, she provided interesting insights into how small townAmerica reacted to the changes brought about by America’s participation in the World War.We’re getting ready now for the November general election; it is time to build a slate of officers and boardmembers for 2019. 

Our nominating committee is Ro Marcus and Barbara Cagle. We’re looking for new boardmembers and those interested in serving as our officers. If you are interested, or know someone who is, pleaseget their names to myself, Ro, Barbara or any board member. One of our chapter’s strengths has been oursuccession planning; let’s keep it strong. 

We received an invite to participate in the WNG’s first ever Alumni Day. The event will be held at CampMurray on Saturday, Sep 8. We plan to have a recruiting table set up from around 8:00 AM until after lunch. Ifyou are available to help staff our booth, please contact Jim Richards or myself. More details to follow.Another event to start thinking about is our support for Santa’s Castle and the possibility of another “BallDrop.” I have reached out to our civilian counterparts to see their level of interest in doing it again; just waiting tohear back from their organizer. 

On a sad note, past President Bud Kerr, Col, USAF (ret) has had a stroke and is convalescing at theSharon Care Nursing Center, 1509 Harrison Avenue, Centralia, WA 98531. Back around 2007/2008 when thechapter was struggling to survive, Bud stepped-up, took charge and was instrumental in setting the foundation forour chapter’s transition from near collapse to Five-Star Level of Excellence recognition. Please join me in wishingBud and Pauline our very best for a speedy recovery.To help with meeting attendance, we are sending out email reminders of the meeting time, speaker andmeal choices. When you either receive the Bugle or one of the reminders, please contact Marilyn Willcox withyour reservations. If you have any suggestions for other ways we can ensure all of our members get the wordregarding our monthly meetings, please let us know. 

Finally, check out our Facebook page and website. If youhave materials of interest, please forward to myself, Gregg Smith or Carrie Nielson and we will get them posted.Our next board meeting will be at 5:30pm, Tuesday, Sep 11 in the Quinault Auditorium at Panorama. OurSeptember general meeting will be a dinner meeting held on the third Wednesday, the 19th, in the seventeen 51bistro at Panorama with a social at 5:30 PM and the meeting being called to order at 6:00 PM. Our guest speakeris UW Senior Fellow Christopher DeCou. Christopher is a researcher who studies suicides among veterans andmilitary personnel and he will be providing insights from the latest research. On a lighter note, our October 17speaker will be Steve Jones, a local story-teller, who will tell tales of President Truman’s vacation in Olympia.And… remember each of us is a recruiter- bring a new face to the meeting. 

Respectfully,David Slotwinski (Slots)

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Chapter President Notes for May 2018 

Greetings Olympia MOAA Chapter Members,I would like us to welcome three new chapter members: CPT Daniel Roy and his wife Stephanie, CPT Kristopher McNally and his wife Courtney, and 1LT Kyle Brenay and his wife Nicole. These fine officers and their wives are part of the 3d EOD Battalion. Please take the time to welcome them at the next meeting and please continue to spread the word about our awesome chapter. Also thank Jim Richards for doing such a great job in bringing on new members…Hooah Jim!Memorial Day is on the 28th of May. 

I want to take a moment to remember my friend Larry Bauguess. Larry and I served together when I was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I vividly remember him during one of our deployments to Iraq. MAJ Bauguess was a “battle major” who helped manage the often chaotic scenes inside the HQ joint operations center. Even in the heat of the moment, Larry was always calm and collected, a sure sign of combat experience that I always admired. Larry always had an infectious positive attitude even in the most trying of times and it seemed to always lift the spirit of those around him. During our many conversations, Larry always beamed when he talked about his beautiful daughters Ryann and Ellie and his bride Wesley. Larry’s life was tragically cut short by a sniper’s bullet during his Afghanistan deployment with the 82d Airborne in 2007. Larry is remembered by those who had the great fortune of knowing him as a wonderful father and husband, and a tremendous leader. Rest in peace my friend. More information about Larry can be found here.

Our speaker for our May 18 dinner meeting will be Dave Casteel, Washington State Council of Chapters President. He will talk about his recent “Storming the Hill” experience and provide us useful insights on the key legislative issues that affect us all. I strongly encourage you to attend as it will be a very timely and relevant topic of discussion. 

We have recently implemented an online chapter planning calendar. Please take a look and use it to see all of our scheduled meetings and events. Here’s the link: 

I am also looking for some volunteers to assist in maintaining our chapter’s Facebook page and Web site. If you are interested or have an interest in learning some new web skills, please give me a ring. No experience required and I will provide all the training needed. 

I look forward to seeing you at our next chapter meeting on Wednesday, May 18, 5:30 PM, at the Seventeen51 Restaurant & Bistro, Panorama. And, as always, I welcome any comments or suggestions to make our chapter better. 

Respectfully,COL (Ret) Howard Lim 

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March Comments: 

Greetings Olympia MOAA Chapter Members,I would like us to welcome Mark & Jenni Wiseman and Jack & Ingrid Crumley as newest members to our chapter. Mark is an active duty Captain assigned to the 3d EOD Battalion and Jack is a former chapter member. Please take the time to welcome them at the next meeting. It is so nice to have new and returning members join us so please continue to spread the word about our awesome chapter. 

You know it is spring time in the great Northwest when the weather changes about twenty times in 24 hours! As I watch new foliage begin to emerge, I am also reminded of the importance of regeneration in organizations. Most of you already have seen how this works when you take command of organizations; you take a top to bottom review of processes and try to make things better during your short tenure. The board members and I have been busy looking for ways to evolve and grow our chapter. One of our key initiative to expand our chapter and its service to the community is to continue to foster our relationship with the 3d EOD Battalion, commanded by chapter member LTC Chris Bartos. We are currently planning to host a summer BBQ for the soldiers and family members of the 3d EOD Battalion. I know this will be a fun event for all of us and would be a great way to continue our support to this outstanding unit. 

Our speaker for our April 18 dinner meeting will be Dr. Thomas Rainey. Tom is Emeritus Professor of History and European Studies at the Evergreen State College and will present a talk on “Putin’s Russia”. I strongly encourage you to attend as it will be a very timely and relevant topic of discussion in light of current world events. 

I also want to give special thanks to our chapter member CAPT (Ret) Carrie Nielson for taking over the production of our paper newsletter. This is a very important mission for our chapter and having Carrie at the helm will ensure that we keep all of our members informed of what is happening with our chapter. 

See you at the next meeting on Wednesday, April 18, 5:30 PM, at the Seventeen51 Restaurant & Bistro, Panorama. And, as always, I welcome any comments or suggestions. 

Respectfully,COL (Ret) Howard LimChapter President

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January 2018 Comments 

Greetings,We are starting the New Year strong with two new members. I would like to welcome LCDR (Ret) PaulMeyers and COL (Ret) Tristan Atkins to our Olympia Chapter. Please take the time to welcome thesegentlemen and their wives when you see them at our next meeting. 

We are currently looking for volunteers to manage our monthly newsletter. Despite the web page andFacebook presence, it is vital that we publish a monthly newsletter because not everyone is interested inusing the Internet. And there is just something about holding a piece of paper in your hand that thecomputer cannot provide.We are also planning to give a $1000 scholarship to a student for his/her post-high schooleducation. This is our opportunity as a chapter to help a worthy student succeed and we would appreciatefolks stepping up to help in establishing a scholarship fund and award process.If you’re interested in helping with one of these current requirements, contact me or one of the officers/board members. 

I am excited to announce our scheduled speaker for the February 21 Luncheon meeting. LTC ChrisBartos, a recent member and commander of the 3d Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion, will give us abriefing on his unit’s mission. As you know, we sponsored some of his soldiers with redeployment basketsand Chris relayed to us that the soldiers were very grateful for our support. His battalion is currently verybusy in preparation for deployment to the Middle East, but he is gracious enough to take the time to give usthis briefing. Please come out to support him and his troops before they deploy and learn about the criticalmission they will engage in. 

We are working to improve communication to our members with the use of the Internet andFacebook. We recently established an online calendar to post our monthly events. You can find the link tothe chapter calendar at our web page, in the “events” link. 

I’m also pleased to announce some changes this year to our menu at the Panorama. Our lunches will feature avariety of sandwiches with a new lower price of $15. The price of dinners will go up by $1 but for bothlunches and dinners, we will receive drink specials for featured wine, beer, and mixed drinks for only $3...that’s a savings of $2 per drink. 

Finally, thanks again for being a member of our Chapter. I believe we will continue to make a significantdifference in supporting our community and taking care of our service members. Help us get the word outand tell your fellow officers about our great Olympia MOAA Chapter! See you at the next membershipmeeting. 

Howard Lim, Chapter President

I represented our chapter at the recent 3d EOD Military Ball.  Here I am cutting the ceremonial cake because I was the "old man" in the group.

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Happy New Year! 

Hello and welcome to the New Year 2018! I consider it an honor to be your new chapter president and my intent is to gain your trust and confidence. We have some great plans for the coming year and with your help, we hope to achieve the following goals: 

 •Increase chapter membership by 10% (e.g. ~ 16 new members). 

 •Increase service and support to the local community (e.g. Christmas Sports Ball drive, etc.). 

•Plan an off-site activity for both spouses and families promoting fellowship among members (e.g. dinner theater, family picnic, etc.). 

 •Establish scholarship fund for a local student. 

•Increase membership involvement in crucial legislative affairs remotely via email and phone. 

•Establish supporting committees to assist the board’s efforts. 

•Increase awareness of the Olympia Chapter activities via social media and web presence. 

•Leverage non-profit status to obtain no-cost technology support (e.g. web page, network communications and storage, etc.). 

As you can see, we have an ambitious plan. I nor the current Board of Directors can achieve these goals by ourselves; we need your assistance and participation. If you are unsure how you can help, contact myself or any of the officers to discuss. No matter the length of time you have available, we will find a way for you to contribute. 

One area we need immediate assistance is the management of our monthly newsletter, the “Bugle”. If you or your spouse are proficient in Microsoft Office, enjoy graphic design and journalism, contact me or Sam Cagle for details. I want to thank Cal Taylor for his tremendous efforts in maintaining our newsletter with this edition being his last. 

I also would like to thank our previous president, Ro Marcus, for her invaluable leadership she provided in 2017. It was her vision to re-examine our organization’s mission and her leadership that resulted in a clear strategic plan that charts an exciting path for our future. 

Finally, I want to thank the Officers and Board of Directors for all they have done last year to make 2017 an amazing year; I know they will continue to serve us well for 2018.Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or cell should you have any questions or concerns. I am also eager to hear your suggestions on how to make this chapter better for the benefit of its members. Wishing all a blessed year and am looking forward to working alongside all of you.

Howard Lim

Chapter President

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From the President's Desk 

 Happy holidays and season’s greetings to all. Approximately 35 members attended our November luncheon and Annual meeting. After being called to order, Chaplain White and Chuck Peterson, CAPT, USN (ret) conducted our Two-Bell Memorial Service honoring past chapter members for 2017. Again, thank you, Chaplain and Chuck for executing this solemn ceremony. Before we moved into our annual meeting, 1LT Shun Hsu (787th Ordnance Company, EOD) shared with us a list of items requested to help in the sponsorship of approximately 10 returning single soldiers from the 3rd Ordnance Battalion, commanded by chapter member LTC Chris Bartos These soldiers are scheduled to return around Christmas and we are working with 1LT Hsu and the unit family readiness support group to finalize the items as it is our intent that each have a welcome home/ happy holiday packet upon their return to the barracks. We next moved on to our annual meeting. Following updates by our treasurer, program chair and chapter concerns, Barbara Cagle reviewed our volunteer eff orts in support of Santa’s Castle. Next was an update of the results from our board strategic planning conference, held in October. Howard Lim led the discussion which focused on the key issues from the board conference. If you have not viewed Howard’s presentation, I encourage you to do so; it is on our website and Facebook page. What is important to understand is that for the chapter to be attractive to potential currently serving or recently separated new members, we must demonstrate our relevance in the community and to do so, we are considering additional venues beyond our monthly meetings and charity support. Watch for these future events to be listed in the Bugle, on Facebook, and on our web site. Next, Treasurer Bill Moseley presented our first ever budget. Although a work in progress, it is an important step to ensure our long-term solvency. Following this discussion, the revised by-laws, budget, and 2018 Officer Slate were presented for acceptance; each passed unanimously. Congratulations to our 2018 officers and board members! President- Howard Lim, 1st VP- Dave Slotwinski, 2ndVP- Jim Richards, Treasurer- Bill Moseley, Secretary- Roselyn Marcus, and board members- John McConnel, Barbara Cagle, Marilyn Wilcox and Brian Burgess. Newly elected officers and board members will be installed at our December holiday luncheon. Again, please join me in congratulating each and wish them well as they execute their duties. I would next like to highlight the first ever Santa’s Castle Ball drop that took place on Nov 11. Upon hearing about Santa’s Castle, Rachael Jamison, one of Slots’s MBA students, organized a sports-ball collection effort that took on a life of its own culminating with a drop off, ball pumping and delivery of 516 sports balls to Santa’s Castle. At the drop site, we provided holiday refreshments for donors, assisted with inflating balls and then, with the help of a couple of JBLM MPs, delivered them to Santa’s Castle. Overall an outstanding event and if you want to see what 516 sports balls looks like, check out the links on our Facebook and web site as well MOAA national’s web site. Many thanks to all who volunteered and especially Howard for driving the moving truck to JBLM and creating the video. . Our next board meeting will be at 5:30pm, Tuesday, Dec 12, Quinault Auditorium. The Dec 20 luncheon/ meeting is our holiday celebration and installation of officers. The luncheon is being held in the seventeen 51 bistro at Panorama City with a social at 11:30 AM, lunch served at 12:00 and holiday entertainment provided by the Silver Bells. I hope to see you at our holiday luncheon and remember each of us is a recruiter- bring a new face to the meeting. And… as a reminder- keep sending those cards and letters to Congress.

From the President’s Desk 
Ro Marcus President

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